Diary of a Roblox Noob: Christmas Special



Merry Pizza everybody!Christmas Eve is just around the corner, and Roblox Noob is busy spinning Tomato Craze Pizzas at “Work at a Pizza Place.” The entire server is filled with cheer and joy, and even the strict store manager is feeling the festive spirit. But Christmas is in danger! When a couple of Noob’s co-workers mysteriously disappear, it is up to Noob to connect the dots and solve the mystery, all in time for the Grand Christmas party. In an action-packed race against time, can Noob discover the cause of these strange events and save Christmas before it’s too late? Can he find out the real identity of the mysterious “Christmas Grouch” and his hatred of the holiday season? Finally, can he do it in time for the Grand Christmas Party? Read Noob’s diary to find out!Over 130 Pages Long, this incredible adventure takes place in three different servers, combining the action of “Roblox Jailbreak,” the puzzles of “Murder Mystery 2” and the goofiness of “Work at a Pizza Place.”Join everyone’s favorite Roblox hero Noob in this festive adventure story as he battles to save Christmas and remind others of the true meaning of the holiday season.