Diary of a Roblox noob: Dungeon Quest



An Ancient Demon Torturing The Old Town?

Seems like a job for Noob and Decks!

Decks – the once formidable deathly assassin by Noob’s side – is now completely out of shape. Ever since he and Noob escaped jail, they’ve had to stay low and hide from KingPat. For all that time, Decks has been binge-watching and overeating, and now he’s lost his swag… To get it back, Major Creative decides on a radical solution – send the boys back in time to another Roblox server, where they must defeat a demon plaguing some old town. What’s more, the demon resides at the end of an underground dungeon that conceals many more dangerous monsters… Surely Decks must get his swag back if he and Noob can survive…