Diary of a Roblox Noob: Granny



Reading is way more exciting when it’s a Roblox book!If you love Roblox, then you’re going to love our Roblox book about Granny. Delve into a crazy and creepy new adventure with Noob as he attempts to escape the clutches of Granny’s House!Granny is a spooky adventure set in the ‘’horror game’’ called Roblox Granny. Granny has set up different traps in each room of her house, but Noob is just an ordinary hero. Will it be enough to escape a bear trap? What about lava? Noob’s future doesn’t look promising when he gets sucked into the scariest Roblox game in existence…Noob and his friends must find a way to escape creepy Granny’s house before she takes them all down. Can they escape from Granny’s madhouse? And can they solve the grand mystery behind it?