Diary of a Roblox Noob: Mad City



SWAT Agents Grab Noob and Throw Him in Mad City PrisonSuddenly the door is kicked open with a crash! Roblox Noob is innocently binge watching TV and scarfing down a yummy pizza when SWAT agents grab him and bodily drag him out of his house. Before he can even figure out what’s happening, he’s thrown into Mad City Prison. There’s a reason it’s called that. The worst criminals in the world are behind bars there. Noob doesn’t belong there! He doesn’t even stomp on disgusting roaches. KingPat, a mysterious and powerful entity, is responsible for his capture. He’s bent on destroying Noob. But, KingPat isn’t the only dangerous character. In prison, Noob encounters Decks. Decks can only be described as an unstable psycho. But even though he’s supremely dangerous, Noob needs his help to escape Mad City prison. They plan their nearly impossible roblox jailbreak, but the perils of larger Mad City await like a sharp-toothed dog.