Monster School in Minecraft: Unofficial 5-Story Collection



This Minecraft Book Collection features five incredible tales of adventure from the hilarious world of Monster School- a place where mobs learn how to be scary!

Take advantage of the 50% discount over purchasing each title individually and get a hold of:

THE NUTTY NETHER PORTAL: A class demonstration goes awry and a portal to the spooky Nether lets in a horde of angry fire-hurling Blaze Mobs!
THE NEW STUDENT: The students of Monster School must make amends after being cruel to a newcomer—or be trapped in smelly, undead bodies forever!
THE IRON GOLEM: Can the students transform a kind-hearted iron golem into a menacing monster?
FIELD TRIP: Making enemies is dangerous business—especially when fire-breathing dragons are involved! Get ready for high-stakes adventures!
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Someone is up to no good at Monster School, and Minecraft’s most legendary adventurer is determined to crack the case.
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