Unofficial Roblox: Shadow Over Adopt Me




A shadow is gobbling up Adopt Me in this exciting unofficial Roblox adventure novel!

Adopt Me has everything Noob has been craving—pets, pleasant weather, and nice players to be friend. But all is not well on Adopt Me, and instead of settling down or even taking a vacation, Noob is plunged into a mystery.

NPCs are suddenly disappearing after hatching ultra-rare pets, and to make matters much worse, a sinister shadow is making its way around Adopt Me, and the shadow seems to be controlling everyone is reaches—even Noob’s friend the police dog, Officer Woodley!

With the help of a pair of whimsical locals, Noob vows to stop the disappearances and get to the bottom of the voice in the shadow—because if he can’t, a dark cloud going to swallow Adopt Me whole and crumble it to nothing but code!