Freebie! Zombie Attack Episode Two

Entry #2 from Noob’s personal diary… (Entry #1 can be found here

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Zombie Attack
Episode Two

“Get moving already! They’re almost on top of you!”

The dude behind the wall was frantic now. He was begging me to run, and I have to say, he was right. The horde of undead dudes were almost on top of me now. For lack of a better term, they looked well, undead. Dead, but moving. With their ripped up skin and bloody bodies they were clearly dead, but they were all walking and moving towards me too! How crazy was that?

“Are you gonna stay there and die, or you gonna movin’?!”

The dude was desperate. I could tell that this was going to be the last time that he said it. And yep, it was my last chance. Either I got my butt out of there fast or I got eaten alive. It was that simple.

I leapt into action and made a break for the wall where the dude was hiding behind. It was a short sprint from where I was, but it seemed like a thousand miles from where I was standing. The dude wasn’t kidding; those undead guys were right on top of me now and I probably wouldn’t make it to the wall. I smelled hot breath like acid behind my neck. I felt cold and clammy hands grip my arms and suddenly I couldn’t move. These undead guys were unusually strong for corpses. I knew what was gonna happen next; I knew they were gonna bite my head off. There was nothing I could do. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable taste of zombie teeth on my neck.

The big showdown didn’t happen.

I heard a gunshot followed by something popping behind my head. A huge splatter of blood sprayed all over my back and ears. The tight grip on my arms loosened and I could move again. The dude shot the zombie behind me. That was another favor I owed him.

“Move already!”

This time, those zombies wouldn’t catch. I made sure of that. I made a mad dash to the wall, running and diving with all the strength I had left. I left the zombies behind and I managed to scramble to where the dude with the gun was. Now that we were right beside each other, I managed to get a good look at the guy. I noticed he was bald and had a round belt. I also noticed that beside him was a woman, two young men around my age and a teenage boy and girl. They were all behind the wall.

“Glad to see that you made it in one piece. Those zombies are really tough! We’d better get out of here. Name’s Jay by the way. This here’s my wife Karen, my sons Mike, Carlos and Enzo.”

I nodded at Jay and his family. A regular tough joe defending his wife and kids. I guess it couldn’t get better than that.

“Nice to meet you Jay. They call me Noob. I’m sorry that we couldn’t have met under better circumstances.”

Jay nodded grimly. He was clearly more concerned with staying alive than making good conversation.

“That doesn’t matter now. Come on, Noob. Follow me and my family. Come on guys!”

Jay hustled all of us past the wall and through a narrow alley. The undead guys, or zombies, or whatever, were hot on our tail. He led us to a small convenience store.

“Get inside there! I used to stop over there every night for a midnight burger, but now that place should be able to serve a better purpose now.”

Karen was clearly upset, after Jay spoke.

“So that’s where you were disappearing to, all those nights!” she said.

“Hey, take it easy, honey! I was just hungry!”

It was now me, who had to get Jay to get moving. This was a man who was clearly tough under pressure, unless the pressure was from his wife.

“Come on, Jay! No time to argue! They’re almost on top of us!” I said.

Jay and the others made a break for the small convenience store. I was the last one inside. We all managed to make it inside, with the zombies right behind us.

“Slam that door shut!” Jay said.

Carlos and I, closed and locked the door of the convenience store after we got in. There were hordes of ugly zombies staring at us from the outside. They all looked very angry and very hungry.

“There’s a whole lot of those things outside, daddy! What’ll we do?” Carlos asked.

“Board up the doors and windows!” Jay said.

We frantically got ahold of everything we could from chairs, to cash registers to shore up the door. Mike and Enzo, went to the hardware section and quickly hammered some wooden boards onto the windows. The small convenience store was quickly boarded up, and now resembled more of a fortress than a store.

The reinforcements to the door and windows seemed to hold firm, so far. We could hear the zombies moaning and groaning outside. They were all pressing against any openings of the doors.

“That should keep them at bay.” Jay said.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“That’s great. For now. What are we going to do when they break through eventually?” I asked.

Jay shook his head.

“We boarded up the doors and windows pretty good. It should hold firm, and we’ve got all we need in here to survive as long as we need. Those things should grow tired of trying to eat us and leave eventually.”

Karen frowned at Jay.

“So that’s it? That’s your great big plan? We stay here like rats and wait for them to leave? That is so bone-headed, Jay! They’re going to break through a lot sooner than you think! I always knew I married an idiot!”

Jay shook his head, and scratched on it.

“Come on, honey! I don’t need this now. Not in front of the kids.”

Their little domestic drama was cut short by the windows and doors shaking. The barricades also seemed to shudder a little too much. It seemed like Karen was right. The hordes of zombies outside would not be kept out forever, and the barricades were already starting to give.

To be continued…